Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fix: Enable WebGL on Chrome and Chromium at Linux | Bypass WebGL is not supported error

I noticed bunch of GPU Acceleration features disabled on Linux (Ubuntu, Linux Mint and variants) by default.

You can look this page to see status of your GPU Acceleration with Chrome or Chromium.


If you see something like this:

"Unavailable. Hardware acceleration unavailable" or "Software only" means your GPU Acceleration is disabled.

Well, lets convert this to;

How to? 

1- Open this page with your chrome or chromium chrome://flags.
2- Set this settings:

[ON] Override software rendering list
[ON] GPU compositing on all pages
[ON] Threaded compositing
[OFF] Disable accelerated 2D canvas
[OFF] Disable deferred 2D canvas
[OFF] Disable accelerated CSS animations
[ON] GPU Accelerated SVG Filters
[OFF] Disable GPU VSync
[OFF] Disable WebGL
[ON] Enable Encrypted Media Extensions on <video> elements
[ON] Web Audio Input

3- Have fun and if you are paranoid make some tests with this page:

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