Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fix: HoN Black Screen Issue on Linux Very Easily

If Heroes of Newerth stucks on black screen when you trying to update or after closing, there is a very simple fix for this issue.

Only reason is you are using AMD GPU and drivers really sucks. But luckly there is a very simple fix for this.

How To Fix It:

  1. Open "Heroes of Newerth" folder and open "game" (/Heroes of Newerth/game/).
  2. Create a new empty file named as "startup.cfg".
  3. Open startup.cfg with a text editor and type this to inside: SetSave gl_modesetting "nvctrl,randr11"
  4. Save, exit and play your game. :-)


  1. :/ Did not work for me... any other suggestions?

  2. By the way, I have never opened HON before... I'm running ubuntu, and I would like to get a good moba running on this machine :) Every time I have tried to open heros of newerth, it plays music and sound effects, but I cannot see any thing. I sounds like it may be a login screen? (I know this from playing other MOBAS)I'd love it if you could help :)