Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fix: HoN Black Screen Issue on Linux Very Easily

If Heroes of Newerth stucks on black screen when you trying to update or after closing, there is a very simple fix for this issue.

Only reason is you are using AMD GPU and drivers really sucks. But luckly there is a very simple fix for this.

How To Fix It:

  1. Open "Heroes of Newerth" folder and open "game" (/Heroes of Newerth/game/).
  2. Create a new empty file named as "startup.cfg".
  3. Open startup.cfg with a text editor and type this to inside: SetSave gl_modesetting "nvctrl,randr11"
  4. Save, exit and play your game. :-)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

DOTA, League of Legends alternative for Linux!

Heroes of Newerth

If you are interested with Linux a bit, you must notice that last a few months were golden times for Linux gaming.

Steam for Linux, THQ Support, Humble Packs and this list going on growing greatly.

If you are a fan of DOTA and League of Legends, you must try Heroes of Newerth on your Linux. It's totally free to play!

I won't talk too much about this. It's really a high quality game and I can guarantee you, you will enjoy while playing HoN.

Heroes of Newerth Official

Install Steam for Linux to Ubuntu & Debian & Mint & Elementary OS

Steam for Linux Beta is open for everyone now.

There is only one game which is free to play yet. It's the Team Fortress 2. But it's kinda funny to play on Linux.

Other games are paid and even I can't guarantee that it will work on your PC. If possible, please try a demo before buying it.

Use link below to download deb package for Linux and double click to install it (for Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian and Elementary OS).

Download From Here.

Have fun.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fix: "error while loading shared libraries:"

If you have old version of GCC you have chance to see this error.


Open Terminal and type these commands in order.

1) # wget
2) # unzip
3) # sudo cp /usr/lib/
4) # sudo cp /usr/lib/

Fix: "Bad ELF interpreter" Error Easily

You can notice this error on Fedora or another distros when you try running 32 bit apps with 64 bit version of your distro.

You need "glibc.i386" to work them correctly.


For Fedora or a distro that using yum package manager:

1- Open Terminal
2- Install required package with this command:
" su -c 'yum install glibc.i686' " (without quotes)

How To: Uninstall AMD/ATI Fglrx Drivers From Ubuntu and Other Distros

This guide will teach you how to remove/uninstall old AMD/ATI drivers very clearly without problems.

If you installed AMD/ATI fglrx drivers from "additional drivers" or "software sources" in Ubuntu;

1- Open additional drivers or software sources (the one you installed drivers from).
2- Tick "Use X.Org X Server" and press apply.
3- Reboot and it's done.

If you installed drivers from AMD/ATI website with sh package;

1- Open Terminal
2- Run this command:
"sudo sh /usr/share/ati/"
3- Reboot and it's done.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

How to: Show All Startup Apps on Ubuntu 12.04 - 12.10

You can disable startup apps in Ubuntu with Startup Applications. By default, some bloatware is hidden on Startup Applications on Ubuntu. But this never means they are unsafe to disable from startup applications list. Lets unhide default startup applications from Ubuntu.

How to:

1- Open Terminal.
2- Paste this command to there:
sudo sed -i 's/NoDisplay=true/NoDisplay=false/g' /etc/xdg/autostart/*.desktop

Now you will see something like this on "Startup Applications".