Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fix: Ugly Fonts in Kubuntu or KDE | Make your fonts crystal clear

By default, KDE Desktop and Kubuntu have a very ugly font behavior compared to GNOME or Ubuntu. But no worries. Fix is easy!

How to fix it?

1- Go to "System Settings > Application Appearance > Fonts"
2- Enable anti-ailising.
3- Set Use sub-pixel rendering to RGB and Slight.
4- Go Advanced tab of Desktop Effects and set scale method to Crisp.

To improve your fonts more, change your fonts to DejaVu and for a better console set console fonts to DejaVu Sans Mono 9.5.

Now you have very cyrstal looking fonts! Have fun!


  1. Thank you! That helped make fonts so much nicer looking.

  2. thank you very much it realy help me a lot

  3. Thanks, now i can live with KDE fttb !

  4. Thank you very much for the help!